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About Second Chances with broodii

broodii is dedicated to delivering a gentle yet powerful “second chance” account experience to our customers. We accomplish this through mobile solutions that help our customers grow their money and gain financial independence.

All our financial and customer service offerings, delivered through timely access and easy management of services, demonstrate our commitment to customer needs and set us apart from others.

We believe ...

  • ... in customer-friendly service

    Our customers can conduct all of their transactions with the broodii Mobile App and broodii Prepaid Mastercard® – including depositing checks, receiving direct deposits, making purchases, making withdrawals and saving with interest. They can access additional services on the broodii online account.
  • ... in giving a second chance to customers

    One example of our second chance account is our in-app budgeting tool that our customers can use to improve their financial outlook.
  • ... in removing barriers for our customers

    We do not require a minimum deposit and do not charge monthly account maintenance fees.* We provide live customer support assistance.

Based in Rancho Cordova, California, broodii was founded in 2019 by financial services administrators with expertise in social needs.

* Other fees, terms and conditions apply, see cardholder agreement.